The Original Resist-A-Band®.


Natural Latex & Latex Free

  • Professional calibrated Hi-Tech Bands
  • RAB - Bands 2m x 15cm
    RAB - ROLLS 25m x 15cm


A great exercise tool for strengthening the lower back, arm and leg muscles. The smallest piece of gymnastic workout equipment you will ever need which can be used anywhere, anytime. lf you intend to strengthen your arms then stretch until you feel a tension in the shoulders. Hold this position for at least 30 seconds. Using resistance bands is nothing new, the concept has been around for a long time. People really enjoy training with resistaband. They are easier to store than dumbbells, light enough to pack in any suitcase, Resist-A-Band is a must-own tool. Additionally the shear number of work out exercise you can do with resistance training is endless.

<< Only with Resist-A-Band®
you are pulling an exact weight. >>

When the Band "RAB II" is stretched
by 100%, you are pulling "2kg".

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